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About Us

Development – Building buildings – It’s a fantastic concept. However, the rising boom in development also sees the same major roadblocks popping up; Budget cuts, partners backing out, loans don’t get approved…the list goes on. We have worked alongside developers & property investors for over 15 years and we understand how frustrating this process can be. As such, we decided, some 12 months ago, to offer a new tier service to our clients: RIA Development!

Heading up this new endeavor is Jeff Rogish, who handles an array of development-related fields. Check out the development timeline below and let us help you build your legacy!

‘RIA Development – The Future Is Building’

Ben Hsiang | Founder & President With over 15 years of experience in multi-family and commercial acquisitions, brokerage, property management, and development, Ben founded RIA Development. From a young age, Ben has been fascinated by construction and architecture and knew he wanted to be involved in as many aspects of buildings and developments as he could. Early in his career, Ben worked for Turner Construction both on a job-site in San Diego as well in the Downtown LA Special Projects Team office. Ben has completed numerous renovation/development projects, has been a featured speaker at a number of real estate conferences and has completed over $1 Billion in transactions. Ben also serves as the CEO for an investment real estate brokerage company Realty Investment Advisors. To discuss possible opportunities, give Ben a call.

Bhsiang@RiaDevelop.com  • 424.377.6001

Jeff Rogish | VP of Development – With a wide-ranging background in construction, Jeff’s hands-on skills are coupled with a keen eye for perfecting projects on time and sourcing the best potential builds for our clients. Jeff’s experience is rooted in building construction, as well as overall project management, planning & permitting, accounting & fund control, scheduling, estimating, and contract/due diligence management.

Jeff’s interest in site development and sustainable building & design has him currently pursuing a second degree in Civil Engineering. Combined with an impressive amount of real estate experience, Jeff has a wealth of knowledge concerning the current market, development opportunity sourcing, transaction management, and expediting the entitlement process.

Jrogish@RiaDevelop.com  • 424.377.6003

Development Timeline

Land/Project Sourcing

  • Through our knowledge of local markets and, being veterans in the industry, we locate the land/project that a client is looking for
  • We are experts in multi-family & commercial developments so we know what to look for in terms of meeting a client’s needs
  • We cut out the difficulty with negotiating for the right land/plot and handle the discussions so that our clients can focus on the planning and design stages, knowing they’re in safe hands

Feasibility & Roadblocks

  • One of the biggest roadblocks a client will come across is if they are unable to determine whether they can build what they want, where they want
  • What a client wants to build vs. what a client can build is always debatable. We bring together a wealth of experts and knowledge to maneuver around such obstacles
  • Often, locating land for specific projects is difficult and, without knowledge of the property market, can be incredibly difficult to obtain

Design & Coordination

  • There are a multitude of entities that go into the design of a new-build construction and often they do not communicate with each other on each step of the process
  • We specialize in coordination and linking each element together before, during, and after the development process
  • We communicate with each individual on a project such as architects, planners, surveyors, engineers, plumbers etc & connect the dots that others don’t even see

Review Process

  • This is the largest and longest stage in a construction project’s timeline, consisting of:
    • Submittal to municipality
    • Planning Department
    • Permitting Department
  • Each municipality is different and has intricate requirements before approving a submittal. We navigate through the systems so our clients can breathe easily
  • We ensure that our client is kept in the loop on every detail and small change
  • We provide the expertise required to see a project through to approval

Construction & Delivery

  • There are many elements that go into the physical construction of a building
    • We tie up loose ends on everything from budgeting and contracts to coordination, scheduling and inspections
    • We have a highly trusted referral base of contractors and sub-contractors that we have built up throughout our years in the industry


  • This is the final stage in the process. When a client decides that they want to sell their newly developed building, we find them active buyers who are interested in expanding their new-build portfolios
  • We assist our clients in each step and also advise them on their sale and investment options during this phase of development